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Criteria for online media outlet membership in CMEM’s Professional Online Media Registry - Promedia :


Have an MK-domain.


Have listed a reliable impressum (name and surname of the editor-in-chief and the members of the editorial staff), address and other necessary contact information.


Regularly publish informative content of public interest.


State the date and time of publication of their content (timestamp).


Have registered an active trade company or active association of citizens that does not participate in the market of commercial and political advertising and announcements.


Transparently declare their ownership structure and the method of financing in accordance with the laws, and at the request of CMEM and Promedia, they also present data necessary for updating the membership.


Have at least two employees in the newsroom, in accordance with the Labour Relations Law.


Regularly publish original (authored) content, respecting copyright in accordance with the law and in accordance with the Basic Rules of Downloading Content among Promedia Members.


Have published price lists for advertising.


Visibly label, i.e., disclose paid commercial content.


Adhere to the Code of Journalists, the Charter of Ethical Reporting on Elections and the Statute of CMEM.


Will place a banner on their page with which they undertake to respect the Code of Journalists and the principles of self-regulation.


Publish the decisions of CMEM and are involved in the mediation process.


Accept regular updating of the Promedia register every 3 months, carried out by CMEM and AJM, in coordination with the Promedia Commission.


Прифаќаат редовно ажурирање на регистарот на Промедиа на секои 3 месеци, од страна на СЕММ и ЗНМ, во координација со Комисија на Промедиа.

Basic Rules for Downloading Content among Promedia Members :


The professional online media outlets who are members of Promedia and CMEM respect authorship and copyright in accordance with the law, as one of the key ethical and professional standards of journalism as a profession.


The term content in the context of these Basic Rules refers to texts with different genre features, photos, videos and other multimedia content, with which the media report on events and phenomena from various fields, as well as opinions in different genre forms.


When reposting content from another online media outlet, it is mandatory to state in the heading (in the overline, subheading, or in the heading itself, and, as an exception, when there is no subheading, in the lead, i.e., in the first sentence of the story) from which media outlet the content was taken.


In addition to the rule provided in point 3, when reposting content from another online media outlet, it is necessary to publish a hyperlink to the source content, in an appropriate place.


Up to 20 percent of the original content may be reposted in the manner described in points 3 and 4.


Any media outlet may set additional conditions for reposting some of its content it believes is exclusive in nature (repost embargo etc.), whereby additional conditions are published for each piece of content, with a clear and visible text or with another kind of clear and understandable mark.


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